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Entries from January 2014

Networking – Talking to Random Strangers

7th January 2014

I was inspired to write this blog after watching a TEDx
video of Heather White a networking expert. 

I know
Heather, so maybe I’m biased, and what I like about the way she works is that
she makes it (Networking) very practical. So if, like me, networking fills you
with dread watch this video, it only takes 10 minutes!
If you
still need convincing this also links to my last blog about practice.
If networking is a topic or activity you are resisting, then maybe networking
is the very thing you need to practice.
social media, networking is still a skill that will help you professionally and
personally, it is an essential
element of your job and your career.  
Your career and business
performance will depend on you having the right connections and visibility.
This is the key for me. If your mindset is right everything
will follow. Do you enter networking thinking;

 This is a great opportunity and I’m clear about
what I want from it.

 **** I hate this and let’s just get through it/
no one is interested in me, or, what I have to say.

The thing to remember when networking is events are only an opportunity to meet people, and
only meet people. Any relationship
building will happen beyond that event.
If I do go to an event I usually get clear in my head the
purpose of going and what I want the outcome to be and being really clear about
this. It may be as simple as reconnecting with someone. If you go in expecting
nothing you’ll come out with – you guessed it – NOTHING!
People buy
and enjoy working with people they trust. This can only begin to happen once
you have met someone. You may be able to create interest through social media,
however it’s my belief real trust starts to be built when you meet face to
Start building a network that links to your ambitions.  Your connections
should include having a sponsor, a mentor or coach or role models; it should
also include knowing the best recruitment agencies or headhunters and having an
updated CV.
You never know when you are going to need support or advice.
It may be knowledge, information about a particular sector, career advice or
simply emotional support. Whatever it is this will only happen once you have
built and earned trust.
Getting Started
Begin by creating a compelling reason to get out there under
your own steam:
  • What is the purpose of you networking? Is it for career development, winning new contacts/business,
    to position yourself as an expert, to learn…
  • What are your
  • What sort of contacts do
    you need and how many?
  • Where are your

The Principle of
If you are still wondering whether to watch this clip Heather talks about the principle of 4 types of Queues. This is a great way to
practice networking and building confidence even in social environments.
She’ll even
give you some tips on how to create a conversation and how to get away from
It’s all
about people. It’s about networking and being nice to people and not burning
bridges. …………………………. in the end it is people that are going to hire you.

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