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How long have you been an executive coach and how did you become an expert at it?

Dawn Bentley

I’ve been coaching professionally since 2001. After 20 years in the ‘Corporate world’ as an HR professional, and spending time facilitating leadership development, I wanted to take this skill set further. I embarked on a coach-training programme and set up my own coaching and consulting business.

I’m an explorer, someone who is continually practicing, learning and evolving on my own leadership journey. I’m always looking for topics that will help me be the best possible coach/consultant for my clients. For me, learning is not just a one-time event it’s continuous.

Who are your clients?

Typically I work with senior leaders in organisations to lead authentically, build powerful teams, and deliver extraordinary results. They have an open mind and want to learn and grow.

I have had the pleasure to work across a range of businesses in many industry sectors in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. There are plenty of testimonials and success here if you want to hear what they have to say.

How are you different from other executive coaches?

I ‘practice what I preach’. As a coach it’s essential for me to continue my own learning and development so that I can be the best that I can be for you.

I am passionate about the work I do and fully commit to every one of my clients.
I’m always focused on how we can discover the best approach for you to get the results you want.

I believe everyone has hidden potential and can achieve whatever they want with the right level of support, challenge and encouragement. Getting there is a journey of discovery and as your coach I will support you every step of the way.

I will challenge you to achieve your best and stretch you out of your comfort zone as you navigate new areas of awareness. Intuitively, I see your potential and invite you to be the very best version of your self.

I specialise in:

  • Leadership presence
  • Impact and influence
  • Leadership and Personal Branding
  • Leading and managing change
  • Team effectiveness

What kind of personality do you work best with?

The world we live in is constantly changing so the people I work best with are those that recognise this and are open to change themselves. I’m often working with people on changes in behaviour or mindset so they have to be able to look at themselves objectively. The best people to work with are those that are prepared to experiment and make mistakes, and maybe occasionally laugh at themselves, knowing that some of our best learning comes from these situations.

Typically the people I work with have worked hard to get where they are and are prepared to be challenged, recognising that what got them here may not get them where they want to go. They believe in lifetime learning and the value of having a coach and mentor to support them on their way.

They are prepared to do the work and are completely honest with me, and more importantly themselves.

What kind of personality or client do you NOT work well with?

Anyone who is cynical or takes themselves too seriously! If you are not prepared to take an honest look at yourself and your personal obstacles, or expect to be ‘fixed’ then I am not the right coach for you. I don’t work with anyone who is not ready to step up to the next level in their lives.

How do you work? What can I expect?

We start with a discovery call. This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and to identify what you want to work on. From here we will agree exactly how we will work together, what type of coaching programme is best for you and how frequently we want to meet.

We can meet face-to-face, by Skype or phone. We’ll agree all of this before we embark on our work together.

Can I just sign up for one session with you?

Sadly not. Coaching is a partnership and the only way to get long lasting results is by working together over a number of months.

Often you are developing new behaviours and mindsets that require practise and ongoing support. It is this repeated practise that brings about change and creates new ‘habits’. It’s all too easy to fall back into your ‘normal’ ways of being, your comfort zone. Working alongside you over a period of time we can review what works best for you and fine-tune things along the way.

What results can I expect?

My commitment when working with you is to get the best possible results which may be any of the following; greater engagement and alignment of your team, improved team performance, greater influence and impact with your stakeholders, clearer faster decision making, navigating and communicating change more effectively or something very specific to you.

Of course you have to do the work!

You will take away new tools and techniques as well as an increased level of confidence, presence and awareness.

How can I get the very best results fast?

By taking time out to consciously think about the solutions you want you will get greater clarity on the critical decisions you need to make, and make them faster.

Most of the time we know the answer, it’s just we haven’t given ourselves the space and time to think things through, try something different or ask ourselves the right question.

We are our own worst enemy and great at making ‘excuses’ for not doing things rather than reasons to do things. You have to be prepared to be honest with yourself. Spotting some of these patterns that are getting in the way of your success will allow you to go further faster and you’ll take away strategies to accelerate your growth. Sometimes you have to slow down – just a little – to speed up.

I have a few questions for you. Can I talk with you on the phone?

Absolutely! Join me for a complimentary discovery call.

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