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Leading with Impact and Authenticity

Are you tired of the same old leadership concepts that sound good but never really take you anywhere?

What if there was a more effortless way to be the leader you really want to be?

What if you could get to the heart of your own personal impact and show up as your best self each and every day?

How would that make a difference to your results?

Dear Fellow Leader,

If you are like most people in a leadership role you’ve read all the books out there. You’ve been on at least one, if not several, leadership courses. You understand the language and the latest buzz-words and yet, something is still not working.

Most likely you’ve discovered that the concepts and the applications aren’t as straightforward as they seem.

If this rings true, then congratulations! You’ve discovered the core truth about leadership:

Leadership is more than just a concept.

Leadership is an active job and there is very little down time. You are ‘on show’ all of the time, and you never quite know what’s coming next.

What this means is that you need more than concepts. You need to EXPERIENCE yourself as a leader.

So, I invite you to do just that.

I am hosting a one-day intensive that is meticulously designed to uncover your inner leader and break away from the usual concepts and theories.

This retreat is for you, if you ever wondered…

  • How you can stay in control and focused amidst all the chaos.
  • How to engage more people and bring them with you
  • How to overcome resistance in your team or stakeholders?
  • How to not be intimidated by certain people or situations?
  • How to stay on the ‘front foot’ as much as possible?

Leadership today is not about command and control; it’s about connecting and engaging with others. However, in order to engage with others fully, you have to know yourself first so you can be authentic in your actions.

Your calling is to be the best leader you can be. Get out of the classroom and truly EXPERIENCE leadership!

My colleague, Lisa Brice, and I have developed a unique way to bring out your own personal leadership in one single day.

It’s a day where you get to step out of the office, spend time outdoor in nature with one of the most powerful animals on the planet – the horse.


The technical name for this is Equine Facilitated Learning. What you will get out of this day and this process is more than any other leadership training you can imagine.

You will discover:

  • The impact you have as a leader and how to be more consistent
  • How to lead and engage others authentically
  • How you physically communicate your intention (sometimes unknowingly) to others
  • How to consistently deliver the message you intend

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You will have the opportunity to learn and practice techniques that help you create the impact you want.

Plus, the day is infused with other learning technologies to amplify your results. It’s not just horses we are working with! We also combine the innovative techniques of somatic practices to tap into your hidden potential.

This one-day intensive will give you insight into your own personal impact and deliver strategies to optimise and control your leadership abilities to take you on the next stage of your journey.


OK I’m In! What is involved and what do I get?

Our day together is packed with experiential learning, coaching and pragmatic tools. So, here is what you’ll get:

An intimate setting that provides one-on-one support:

We deliberately limit spaces on the workshop so that everyone has hands on guidance and coaching to tap into your own personal leadership and resistance. We both work with you throughout the day and you’ll receive high support and encouragement to achieve your goals.

Hands on Experience and Practice:

You will get several opportunities throughout the day to practice and experience your own leadership with fellow delegates. Each exercise builds on the previous one so you can measure your progress and get real insights on your own leadership approach and style. These practices allow you to return to your normal work environment and put something into action immediately.

Individual Horse Work:

Each practice is interspersed with the opportunity to experiment and connect with our co facilitators: our amazing horses. Like the practices above, this work with horses builds your capacity for leadership. Horses will only follow when they perceive you to be a trustworthy leader. You will receive very honest (and instant!) feedback from the horses as to how impactful a leader you really are! (Don’t worry. You’ll get plenty of opportunities to fine-tune your abilities!)

Personal Coaching, Guidance and Feedback:

During the exercises you are encouraged to give and receive feedback to and from other delegates. We ask that you share your personal learning objectives so that you only get feedback relevant to your needs. This is often one of the most valuable parts of the day.

A Beautiful Setting and Space:

We are located in a small village on the outskirts of Northampton so we have lots of open space. The training room of the delightful converted barn is relaxing and comfortable with none of your normal interruptions; although you may get the odd cat crossing your path! We work both inside and out and this provides you with the space to reflect and explore your impact and your presence.

Your own Photographic Memento:

Throughout the day, and with your permission, we take photographs so that you have a small visual record of your experience.

Nutritional Snacks and Meals:

On arrival you receive a welcoming coffee, or drink of your choice, and a light breakfast. Lunch is provided and any dietary requirements are taken care of in advance. Refreshments are served throughout the day.


Spaces are VERY limited! We will sell out quickly! Please contact me to reserve your space for Tuesday 17th April 2018 or, Tuesday 18th September 2018

The investment for this full day-long leadership experience is £400.00 plus VAT.

To book contact: Dawn Bentley

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Here are some common questions I get about this full day immersion experience…

Why Horses?


As a human, you are hardwired completely differently to a horse. Humans are predators. we’re active and reactive.

Horses on the other hand are prey animals. They know intuitively when you are coming from an inauthentic place. Due to their social and hierarchical nature they will only follow when they perceive you to be a trustworthy leader.

Mastering how you can find a common ground for understanding and communicating opens up the dynamic opportunity for learning how to communicate with anyone in any situation. Horses have an uncanny knack of revealing our deeper intentions and fears. Your own obstacles and resistance will also be revealed during the day.

What are the Somatic Practices?


Somatic coaching is fundamentally about how you ‘show up’ as a leader. It is sometimes referred to as embodied leadership. Our bodies are a mirror of who we are, reflecting how comfortable we feel in our own skin.

Over 50% of how we communicate is through our physiology. How we react to situations will be displayed physically quicker than our thoughts. Somatic practices will help you embody new actions and ways of being in the world, grounding you in your authenticity and bringing a greater leadership presence.

What will I take away?

By the end of the day you will:

  • Have developed a greater presence
  • Be more aware of your personal power
  • Have identified your response under pressure and how to recover quickly
  • Know how to be more consistent in your communication even when under pressure
  • Have specific exercises that you can continue to practice to develop your personal impact and presence
  • Tools that are applicable inside and outside the workplace

Who should come?

Anyone who is on the leadership track in their work or life. Whether you are an experienced leader or just starting out on your leadership journey or a leader of many, this workshop will change your life.

Who should not come?

If you are cynical, this is not the place for you.  If you are scared to take an honest look at yourself and your personal obstacles, then this is not for you.  We create a safe (and sacred) environment, and the horses themselves are high-level teachers. We do not want anyone in the group who is not ready to step up to that level in their lives.

When is it?

Tuesday 17th April 2018 9.30 a.m until 5.00 p.m

Tuesday 18th September 2018 9.30 a.m until 5.00 p.m

How do I book?

Contact Dawn Bentley at

The investment in our one-day intensive is £400.00 plus VAT per participant. Places are limited to 10 and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

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What Previous Delegates Have Said

Paul Hinson, CEO, Willen Hospice

“The day enabled me to consider and learn how to better prepare myself both physically and mentally for any action I might take. The ability to ground oneself in dealing with stress or prepare for the potently stressful, was a particularly useful skill to learn.

As a leader I am being more considered, better prepared in activities that involve the leadership of others. I am mindful of how I am perceived and am making myself more available and apparent in a positive way. As a result I have developed different behaviours and experienced positive outcomes. I have been more confident and more influential.”

Jo Le Bohec, Talent Development Director Europe, Millward Brown

“I learned such a massive amount and the offer you have is genuine high impact and transformative.
My own personal desire is to understand how I can practice more of what I did yesterday and flourish in that leadership space, have fun and be challenged more and more.

I would totally recommend it to any ready to get to the heart of personal impact.”

Hugh Adams, Campaign Manager Brain Tumour Research

“Over the course of the day I found the mixture of the practical and theoretical worked well and the group exercises really helped my understanding about communication.

I have been much more aware of the need to feel physically balanced and congruent and this has helped me in projecting a calm and authoritative demeanour.

I really believe that I left the day with a better understanding of myself and how I can consistently perform at my best.”

Lisa Woodall, Head of Operations Strategy Performance and Planning, Zurich Insurance

“I wanted to experiment with how I make connections with people and the impact my style can have on others.

What I got in return was too many light bulb moments to mention but my summary would be – I and others have to work on my/our styles to remain connected and bring people with us……. consistency in words but most importantly actions is key.

I find I am assessing the connections I make and working on maintaining them for longer, recognising when I have disconnected and working on re-connecting. The results I am getting continue to improve and, like all things, practise will make perfect.”

Sarah Beard, Business Development Director, Maggies

I recognized why and how to create presence and reasons why you don’t get results if you don’t connect or create a presence. This was a novel and innovative way to view and understand leadership and the impact you can have as an individual.

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