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Executive Coaching

4 Customised Executive Coaching Packages
Tailored to Meet Your Unique Needs

Relying on your strengths, expertise, and past experiences as a leader is easy. You know the ropes and trust your instincts to guide you in making tough decisions and taking action.

But what happens when you’re faced with difficult, unfamiliar situations in a project, on your team, or in your organisation? Does your confidence in your leadership disappear when you’re faced with circumstances that lie outside of your comfort zone?

My job as your coach is to help you prepare for the unexpected challenges that cause you to feel uncertain and overwhelmed. I’ve created 4 distinctive, customised packages tailored to your specific needs. Each address different facets of leadership and if none of these are quite right we can create something very specific just for you.

Dawn Bentley

4 Customised Executive Coaching Packages

Uniquely You

This is my 3-month coaching package where you take a deep dive into your personal brand. Is your impact creating the reputation you want? Personal Branding is a multilayered, congruent story that reveals who you are as a leader. It’s the story you tell without saying a word. The power is in knowing what the story is and how to best share it. Knowing who you are and how you show up in the world gives you the edge you need to excel beyond your wildest expectations.

Leadership from the Inside Out

This is a 6-month Somatic coaching/Embodied leadership package. Leadership presence can be defined as how you “show up” in different situations, and in this package this is what we explore. Creating the right presence and impact is a physical and intellectual process. No one really teaches this and it’s easier to learn than you think. Anyone can have a greater presence and impact; it just takes practice. If working on your impact and leadership presence is an area of growth then this package is perfect for you.

The Connected Leader

This is a 6-month, executive coaching package. Being a leader is about connecting and engaging with your team and stakeholders; you set the tone for the environment. The focus on this programme is examining how you connect with others, lead your team, and understand the culture you create. Leadership is always work in progress, and as the world and people around you change you have to adapt. You already have a breadth and wealth of experience that has allowed you achieve success, and you know you have more to contribute. This package will help raise your self-awareness and fine-tune some of your approaches to be even more effective.

Journey into Mastery

This 12-month, executive-coaching package teaches you strategies to help you lead into the unknown with certainty. Journey into Mastery is designed to support you as you enter unfamiliar territories in leadership. Today’s leaders must be comfortable with not knowing everything and making decisions in the moment without all of the facts. This programme prepares you to do just that. You will get one-on-one coaching from me for 12 months. I’ll be your trusted ally as you progress through the programme and transition into the best leader you can be.

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