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Entries from October 2015

5 Mistakes people make when thinking about personal brand

29th October 2015
Personal BrandingWhen I introduce the topic of personal branding I often get
blank looks, resistance or people start talking about social media.
As the conversation progresses the following objections are
often revealed:
Branding is only for products.
Whether you like it or not you
have a brand. It’s the reputation you have. The question for you to think about
is, is that reputation aligned to how I want to be known? If it’s not then
there is some work to do.
So, you can choose to own your brand and maximize it to achieve your aspirations; or let it manage you and wonder
why the same things seem to happen to you!
If branding were only for products it
wouldn’t be something recruiters are interested in understanding about possible
Branding is inauthentic, you can’t possibly
pigeon hole people!
That is correct you can’t pigeon
hole people. What you can do is discover what your real assets are and how to
best utilise these so you get to do the work you love. It’s more about how you
stand out.
When you take the approach I do,
which is to discover you from the
inside out, it can only be authentic. It is being authentic to who you are that
stands the test of time. This is how great
brands last!
Personal Branding 
It’s all about your online presence.
True. There is an element of this
that will link to any online presence you have. The trick is to be consistent
in how you come across both online and off line.
If you appear one way online and
when people meet you you’re different they will be confused and potentially
I’m too busy and it’s not important now.
Well you may be busy and it may
not seem important right now, AND you are communicating a brand already! You
could be doing this inconsistently so people don’t really understand the value you bring to the work place.
Spending time on your brand will
help you focus your efforts more effectively and be noticed for what you want
to be known for.
This IS important.
This is far too difficult and I don’t have the
time or money to invest in hiring a Marketing consultant.
This doesn’t require an awful lot
of investment and in the process you’ll get some really great and valuable
feedback that reinforces all the good that you do.
It doesn’t require a Marketing
consultant either.
I have a process that will allow
you to get to the heart of your brand within 3 to 4 hours. Having achieved that
you’ll be motivated to do more and find it VERY easy.
So… if you are ready to own your brand and stand out send
me an email.
We can set up a complimentary discovery call to assess how best you can move
forward and be the leader you were born to be.

“Be yourself – not
your idea of what you think somebody else’s idea of yourself should

Henry David

Who do you think you are?

8th October 2015
Personal BrandingWhat story are you living?
Many of you will be familiar with the BBC programme of the
same title, where a celebrity traces part of their family tree to reveal part
of their history.
Whilst I admit to ‘stealing’ their title I’m not about to
encourage you to do the same. However, I do want you to think about what your story is.
  • Are you living your own story or how someone else is telling
    you should be?
  • Do you have one persona at work and another at home?
  • Do you feel you are being true to yourself?

If your answer to any of these questions indicates that you
are not being yourself 100% who you are, then now is the time to do something
about it.
Why? I hear you cry.
As human beings we are very good at picking up when someone
is not being genuine. So if you are not ‘being yourself’ you can be sure
someone is sensing this.
They may not be able to put their finger on it but they will
have a sense that you are not being 100% congruent, 100% YOU, 100% truthful!
This could mean that you are not taken seriously, that
people don’t know what they can rely on you for and that they don’t listen to
It’s also draining trying to be someone you are not, which
could take its toll on your well being.
Whether you like it or not you have a reputation. A brand.
It’s what people say about you when you are not in the room.
The more you progress in your career the clearer you need to
be about your brand and what you bring to the team and the organisation and to
be able to articulate this clearly.
The question for you to consider is does what people are
saying about me align with who I really am?
Is this what I want my reputation to be?

Personal BrandingDefining your Brand
If you’re sitting scratching your head and wondering what
your brand/reputation is, it’s time to get some feedback.
Start by identifying what you are good at. What are you the
‘go to’ person for?
You may have your own thoughts on this and it’s also useful
to hear from others. They will either reinforce your thinking or provide you
with some new insights. After all we all have blind spots…
Personal branding is defining what makes you
unique so that you stand out from the crowd. Tom Peters first coined
this as ‘The brand called YOU’ in 1997.

“Regardless of age, position or the business we happen to be
in, all of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEO’s of
our own companies:Me Inc.”

My approach is about understanding WHO you are from the
inside out. Does what people see on the outside reflect what’s going on on the
This means I work with you to understand who you really are:
What drives you?
What motivates you?
What is limiting you?
How do you play to your strengths more of the
How do you get there?
There are 5 steps to go through:
Identify what you are good at and how you
operate which often means gathering some robust feedback
Define your values
Develop your Vision
Develop your Mission
Develop your message so you can clearly
articulate the value you provide
Each will take some time and then it’s a process of constant
refinement, based on your own self-awareness and feedback.
Feedback and self-awareness are a constant for me in this
process. It’s not a one and done process! As I mentioned earlier we all have
blind spots those things that we do that we are, quite literally, blind to. We
need others to point them out to us. That is why we actually need feedback.
So… if you are ready to stop living someone else’s story and
not yet ready to go out and ask for feedback, send me an email.
We can set up a complimentary discovery call to assess how best you can move
forward and live the life you want to live and define your uniqueness.
“Do something
today that your future self will thank you for.”
 Author Unknown

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