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Entries from October 2016

World Values Day

20th October 2016


Today is world values day, so what better way to participate than to share your values and act on them – which is when they are their most powerful.

Every day you make choices. Some are conscious some are unconscious, some are big and involve lots of people and some are small and involve only you. Do you know what is driving your choices? If you are clear about your own values then you will know, as it’s your values that drive your decision making. They act as your central navigation tool in al that you do.

Your values are deeply embedded and developed over a number of years based on your experiences and influential figures in your life. They are often unconscious yet when we take time to understand what they are they seem obvious.

When you act in alignment with your values you will feel more confident and more likely to build trust with others – what you say equates to how you act.

Discover your Values

 If you are not clear about your values take a personal values assessment. It’s a simple survey that is free and takes just a few minutes to complete and gain insights into what motivates you.

Do something NOW that brings your values passionately to life – something challenging, creative or fun. Nominate at least one other person in your family or a colleague to do the same!

If you want to find out more visit there is a great resource section.

P.S. I know some of you read this at a later date, so if world values day has passed you by remember it’s never too late to share your values and bring them to life!

“The privilege of lifetime is to become who you truly are”

Carl Jung

3 Compelling Reasons Why Being Authentic Matters in Leaders

12th October 2016

Being Authentic

Be yourself because everyone else is already taken.’

Oscar Wilde

Are you being true to yourself?

Are you comfortable in your own skin?

If not, whose life are you living?

It’s easy to go through life comparing yourself to other people, wishing you could be like Joe or Flo’ or criticising yourself for the way do things, or look. However, it’s not helpful.

It tends to put you in a negative loop with a focus on others rather than on yourself.

One of my fundamental beliefs is that you cannot lead and develop others until you first learn to lead and develop your self. To do this you need to get to know yourself and understand who you are so you can play to your strengths and embrace your limitations. The more you do this the more authentic you will be and it will ooze out of you!

This is easier said than done. We are all human and none of us are perfect, so being able to recognise strengths and limitations can take time and a degree of humility.

It is worth it in the long run. You’ll feel stronger and others will recognise your inner confidence.

People with a strong sense of who they are tend to be:

  • More self aware and confident about who they really are
  • Able to access a reservoir of core energy that keeps them going
  • Able to connect at a deeper level through being more authentic and aligned in their lives.
  • More resilient and able to handle complexity

What does being authentic mean?

Being authentic is about being true to who you are – ‘warts and all’. It’s about being genuine, real, trustworthy and reliable, not false or a copy.

One test of being authentic and true to yourself is ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you prepared to make a stand for what you care for?
  • Do you say no to things that you really don’t want to do – even if that means you’ll disappoint someone?
  • Is there any part of your life where you feel you are living a lie?

If you’re sitting there thinking ‘maybe I’m not being as authentic as I thought I was’… read on to discover why it matters as a leader.

It’s easier to be authentic than pretend to be someone else

When you truly know who you are you are clear about your values. We all have values and we are, in the main, unaware of them yet they are the criteria that help us make decisions. When you know what they are you can express them and explain your decision-making process. You’ll build consistency and credibility.

If you try to copy someone else nine times out of ten it won’t feel right and you’ll be copying the behaviour you see rather than what drives that person. It’s your values and internal motivations that drive your behaviour.

Pretending to be someone you are not can be exhausting as it’s not natural and sooner or later you’ll make a mistake and revert to your normal.

People will engage with you more readily

I’m sure you have been with someone and thought, ‘not sure I believe what they are telling me’, or ‘there is something about them that just doesn’t feel right’. The chances are they are not being authentic.

When you are authentic what you say and how you say it is congruent. Your words, voice tone and physiology are aligned and ‘say’ the same thing. Those around you read this unconsciously. When you are an authentic leader (genuine) people know this and it builds trust. You’ll gain the followers you want!

You’ll deepen your self-awareness – the foundation to personal mastery

I have already said one of my fundamental beliefs is that you cannot lead and develop others until you first learn to lead and develop your self.

Embarking and facing into who you are can be scary. Occasionally you may not like what you see in the mirror. That’s often because you start by looking at what ‘is wrong’ or what you don’t like. If you find yourself doing this STOP! Start by looking at all the things you like and all the things you are good at. Then, and only then, look at what is less ‘loved’ and consider how you may use that as an asset or manage it more appropriately.
The path to being the best you can be guides you to being more aware of your beliefs, attitudes and behaviour. It enables you to accept yourself and be responsible for your action, attitude, thought and the impact you have.

This will make you a better leader who inspires others to grow and your improvement will influence others and eventually change the world!

Wherever you are on your leadership journey there is always something to learn as you face new situations. ALWAYS BE YOURSELF!

“The core leadership strategy is simple: be a model. Commit yourself to your own personal mastery.”

Peter Senge



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